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Created on 2010-03-09 16:26:07 (#485035), last updated 2019-02-18 (1 day ago)

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Birthdate:Apr 10
Location:United States of America
These things are always so hard to write.

In 2010, I started out blogging on LJ as a White Collar fan girl, and probably my first few (dozen) posts were incoherent squees about the show. Oh, little did I know what had just gone on. Three-Apart had sold the platform to the Russians, Strike-Thru had happened, but there was still an active fandom community there. Within the year, there were rumbles about a crackdown on LGBTQ posting and more active involvement by the Russian owners (although the US-based managers were quick to say that content posted from the US would always be on US-based servers), and someone (I don't remember who ETA: now that I think about it, I'm pretty certain it was [personal profile] petra), mentioned that they were moving/had moved to a new-ish platform called Dreamwidth, which was still in beta. I got my hands on an invite code (also I think courtesy of [personal profile] petra) and signed up, but never planned to use the site for anything more than cross-posting back to LJ. Having all of my posts originate on DW and then importing comments from LJ seemed the best way to keep my content safe. I can't exactly pinpoint when I started doing this, but I'm pretty certain that it had been within the twelve months of starting my journal on LJ. So writing in HTML became second nature to me (and I can't tell you how many non-blog-bound docs had accidental text formatting code in them).

But like every other good thing, White Collar came to an end and despite everyone's best efforts, most of the fandom slowly disappeared (although many of the friendships remained). I found new fannish interests, but to my dismay, I realized that they were living (if such term is appropriate) on Tumblr and if I wanted any sort of participation in fannish activity, I'd need to be on Tumblr.

And as much as I hated Tumblr, it took up most of my attention, to the detriment of my life on an adult blogging platform like DW. It's always easier to consume than create, and without a large follower base, there was (by and large) little interest in anything I created. That's not to say I didn't form great ties with awesome people (I did!), but I rarely never felt moved to put a lot of effort into creating the sake kind of written content for Tumblr (meta, personal prose, commentary) that I used to do here. When LJ's servers moved to Russia and they implemented the new TOS, it seemed to seal the deal - my fandoms didn't exist on DW at all and everyone I knew was leaving LJ for Tumblr and Twitter and there seemed no point in even trying to maintain a presence here.

Well, I can see that I was wrong about that. The recent changes in Tumblr have made it clear that I was wrong to let my interests in an adult blogging platform wane, especially one which is independent of big media, has an open TOS (to the extent that such content is legally permissible, it is permitted), is fully member supported (no advertisers to dictate terms of what can and cannot be on the platform), and has bone-deep commitment to its users and members. That it has features that I've sorely missed in my two years on Tumblr makes my return all the sweeter.

But enough with the meta and navel-gazing. You're here because you've likely found some content in my journal that interests you. As of 2019, you'll find content for the following (in order of interest):

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

  • Colin Firth and his movies

  • Mark Strong and his movies

  • Taron Egerton and his movies

  • White Collar

  • Matt Bomer and his movies and television shows

  • Tim Dekay and his movies and television shows

  • The Flash - Season One and Two Only

  • Inspector Lewis - Through Series Six

  • And other things that strike my interest

As far as memes go, I love answering them, but doing it on Tumblr always feels like a zero sum game. Yes, yes, I'm still visiting Tumblr, but much less so these days, and I'm more than likely to gank the memes I've found there, and post them on DW with the hopes that people will be interested in playing here, where answering isn't like pissing in the wind.

Oh, and this is a good place to mention that I'm fairly vulgar and inclined not to censor myself when it comes to dropping the f-bomb. I do try to avoid gendered insults, but sometimes they slip through.

Don't feel shy about hitting me up in a PM. I'm usually eager to meet new people and make friends. And you never have to ask to add me to your circle. I'll probably add you back after looking at your recent postings (if just because my new office has a glass door and the monitors face out, so NSFW content can be visible if I'm not careful).

What else should you know about me? Why not take a deep dive through my postings and find out?

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