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Obscene Circus Ponies and Other Massive Erections

Where Fed and Con (and Fed's wife) work together

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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White Collar Reverse Big Bang - Round One Achievement Banners



.:my life in a white collar world:.

What the hell did I do before fandom? I can barely remember those days.

I had friends, certainly. I had hobbies, many. I had a career and a life.

Now I seem to exist merely to contribute to the wonderful world of White Collar fandom.

.:fandom gigs:..:my writing:.

I am a moderator for:

whitecollar100, a White Collar prompt-based drabble/ficlet community

wcpairings, a White Collar fan fic swap community

peter_elizabeth, a White Collar fan fic community dedicated to the marital awesomeness of Peter and Elizabeth Burke.

whitecollar_bb, the community for the annual White Collar Big Bang challenge, where fan fiction authors commit to writing stories in excess of ten thousand words.

wc_rps, the writing and fan community for White Collar real person fic and slash.

wc_reverse_bb, the community for the annual White Collar Reverse Bang challenge, where artists create prompts and writers write fan fiction to those creations.

caffrey_burke, the fan fiction community that celebrates the special relationship between Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke.

All my fic, in a nice and tidy list, organized by 'verse and series and type can be found here, at my frequently updated Masterlist. If you're just looking for strictly Gen and Het stories...stop. You aren't going to find a lot of them here. I strongly ‘ship Peter/Neal and Peter/Elizabeth/Neal. Not all of my stories are explicit, and in fact, most of them aren’t, but you are going to find a Peter/Neal, or more likely, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal relationship at the core of the story.

Also - I hope you like angst and emotional hurt/comfort - because that’s what I seem to write most often. Occasionally, you’ll find some case fic and some humor and crack, and rarely, fluff. You should also be an adult, and capable of understanding adult themes and issues.

Some information about a few of my longer running series:

The Wonder(ful) Years: A complete alternate universe, beginning with Neal as he’s about to start Kindergarten. He meets Peter, a first grader, in the playground, setting the stage for a life-long friendship and ultimately their love and marriage. The story follows all of the characters – Neal and Peter, Mozzie and Elizabeth, with appearances by Diana, Clinton, Ruiz, Keller, Adler and other canon characters throughout their lives.

In each of the stories, I strive for authenticity, grounding the tale in the where and the when.

The series deals with difficult themes, such as child abuse, sexual identity, HIV/AIDS, homophobia, and marriage equality, to name a few. Although individual stories may have sad and uncertain endings, remember that ultimately, everyone finds happiness.

The Paladin ‘Verse: This is the first series I wrote for White Collar, and it is an OT3 ‘verse, strongly based on story lines hinted at in the end of Season One, but before the start of Season Two.

A “Paladin” is the archetype of the chivalrous hero, and Peter is certainly that for me, in the following stories. He's either the central focus or the prime mover here, even when he's not an active character. Or sometimes, it's Neal that's the hero, saving the day.

A Favor for Gloriana: A historical A/U set in the early years of Queen Elizabeth I. Peter Burke works for Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queen's Spymaster, Elizabeth Burke is the Queen's Mistress of the Revels, and Neal Caffrey's a neer-do-well artist and courtier, incarcerated in the Fleet Prison for debt. The golden age has yet to flower in Merry Old England, and it’s going to take a deft hand to manage all the players that will keep Good Queen Bess on the throne.

These are fanworks, made for my own enjoyment and to share with others. I don't have any ownership interests in White Collar or its characters.

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